Zoran Dernovšek was born on 27 July 1959 in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). He graduated from electro technical high school, later he was teacher in science and technology high school. After the independence of Slovenia, he graduated from the military officers school, later he also studied at several universities in Slovenia and United Kingdom (administration, law, MBA, finance). Since 2001 he works in the family companies as a senior consultant (business, financial, tax, projects), he also works in the field of ecology. RENS was invented in 2014, derived from the product VINS (long-term bedding which neutralizing odors of animal), whose development he starts in 2011.

Zoran is an innovator and inventor, since the early age of 12, when he found one of the best known solutions for Archimedes riddle “Squaring the circle” (published in the journal Presek). In ex-Yugoslavia and even later in Slovenia, most of his work was constantly confiscated “in the name of the common property”. Because the same was happening to him in Slovenia in 2011, when he was on the way of discovering the new ecological bedding VINS, in July 2012 he and his family moved to Italy, where he resides and works to this day.

RENS is classified under the Phyto Pharmacy and Microbiology, in interpreting and guiding the treatments Zoran is helped by medical doctors, phyto-pharmacists and microbiologists within his team (consulting, without revealing them the formula and the production processes).

As former amateur athlete he always had close contact with sports medicine, this knowledge has been significantly upgraded in the last year, because there is a strong potential for the use RENS in this field.

Contact: info@rens.mk