RENS H is made 100% of pure natural components of vegetable origin. The raw material purity is strictly controlled and tested. RENS H is originally made in the powder form and in this form and with proper storage, the shelf life is unlimited. In the mixtures (drops or creams) the shelf life varies depending on the used medium (oil, cream).

In the human or animal body RENS works as a natural catalyst that helps the body to establish its natural function of self-preservation and self-defense.
This is achieved by its distinct action on three levels:

  • oxygenation (by supplying supplemental oxygen to all the cells in the body, which discloses the defective cells, dead or anaerobic type; additional O2 destroy anaerobic and disclose dead cells, so the body can replace them with healthy ones. It also feeds healthy cells with supplementary O2, causing production of extra energy)
  • alkalization (it brings the body in a healthy condition, where it’s pH is between pH 7.2 and pH 7.4; also inhibits the action of lactic acid, which the body gets more perseverance and later fatigued)
  • detoxification (cleansing of toxins, pesticides, heavy and radioactive metals from the blood and the body, including the liver and kidneys; heavy metals are often deposited in the liver and cause malfunction of the organism, as the liver control over 1500 internal processes of the body, particularly filtering and control of endocrine glands function)

There are several possible applications, one is directly into the bloodstream (powder form + saline solution), this is done only under close monitoring and supervision of a medical doctor, otherwise, usually through the gum or under the tongue (mixed powder form with eatable oil). Regular daily dosing establishes a therapeutic amount level in the blood in approx. one week (RENS has a therapeutic effect during one week after applying, fully excreted from the body after 10- 14 days).